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Investments need not be a difficult concept. At AAMDINI, urdu for Income, we want to help you explore avenues to grown your wealth. Let our research and hard work allow you to participate in the growth of the economy.
What better way than by prudently investing in the right companies. The Pakistan Stock Exchange is the key to investments in Pakistan Companies. You are only a click away from beginning your investing journey. Click the link below to start now with AAMDINI by your side.

Learn More about your Aamdini!

AAMDINI means Income in Urdu.

It is a platform, a community of finance professionals that will make investments accessible to everyone and in doing so increase your income,
your AAMDINI...

By making investments easier to understand, by spreading relevant awareness, and by educating the masses in a language they understand best,

Pakistan is an interesting place for many reasons, and more so because of the great growth potential that exists. It is thus where the journey begins.

The hope is to have an inclusive approach, allowing interested individuals, expatriates, foreigners, everyone to participate in the investment ecosystem by answering some of the basic but most important questions that we believe arise in our minds :

How to invest?
Where to invest?
Why to invest?

We hope that the platform adds value to all those who have been wanting to invest but have been unsure.

Our aim, through AAMDINI, is to make your user journey with respect to managing your wealth as seamless as possible.

Of course generating good returns, ensuring their sustainability and having transparency with respect to their allocations is an integral part of the investment process.

We aim to take a step further and provide the best in market customer experience - an experience you will be glad you had.

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Ali Zaigham Agha


Simplicity is something that forms a core element of the way I solve problems. Having been associated with the banking sector for close to 15 years in various roles, the complexity of certain financial products has really troubled me. It has been a long-standing goal to make unnecessarily complicated processes simple. With AAMDINI it is Investments. Personally, I have experience investing in various markets, in the US, the UK, UAE, emerging markets and of course Pakistan. We are out to collectively achieve, investments.

Waleed Iqbal


It has been five years since I started following PSX, from glorious trading sessions to gloomy days, I have witnessed all of it. I’d like to sum up my experience in four words, “It was worth it”. From NYSE to FTSE and to NIKKEI, I have left no stone unturned. Despite having an international exposure, Investing at PSX remains my top priority. Given the recent earnings and market sentiments there’s no better time to invest in Pakistan than now. Eventually, you regret the chances you didn’t take and I do hope that you don’t want to add another missed chance to that list. If you’re eager to invest, we at Aamdini will do the rest.

Ghous Bhatty

Core Founding Team

Before co-founding Aamdini, I have been working on analyzing the pattern and movement of the market – successfully making profitable trades. Being a passionate finance professional, I possess profound data analytics skills with expertise in understanding and interpreting the financial statements to yielding meaningful conclusions i.e. financial modelling and analysis. Aamdini for me is creating a financial disruption by working on financial literacy; helping people to escape the trap of strenuous inflation.

Momin Asif

Core Founding Team

My experience in investing has been very rewarding. I have had ups and down in my journey and it has truly taught me the importance of patience and discipline. What I love about investing is the fact that you don't have to trade your time for earning money. Your money works for you and helps you earn passive income, which is the true goal of financial freedom. With Aamdini, I aim to utilize my investing experience and analytical skills to help people understand the benefits of investing and make it simple and accessible for the masses, so they are more inclined towards investing instead of saving. We need to change perceptions of the common man, and that is what Aamdini is all about.

Qasim Ilyas

Core Founding Team

I’m Qasim, and I love to invest! Since accompanying my father to the brokerage for the first time at the impressionable age of thirteen, I have been fascinated by the world of investment. Between that day and today, I have had the pleasure to learn from the most remarkable mentors and peers, as well as the hard-earned experience to go along with it. Using trading simulators as training wheels to now earning a sizable income (most times) through well-tested strategies, I have come a long way, and despite the proverbial ups-and-downs, now we’re in it for the long haul

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